Forest Feet

To embody what matters to you.

I study the body, movement patterns, connections, thoughts, feelings and emotions. I love how each person is a matrix of being. Tissue and gesture. Pattern and play. The possibilities within being human are wildly creative. 

I encourage curiosity and courage when discovering new landscapes within.

Observing movement and stillness qualities, in a variety of people from all over the world has enriched my sense of embodiment. I wrote and led a yoga teacher training, with focus on restoration and resilience. I’m naturally drawn to guiding practices that foster self compassion and somatic awareness.

At the foundation of my own somatic journey is the inner work of antiracism, decolonizing the body and joyful resilience.

Eila Buziak - Somatic Coaching


Some of the most meaningful work I have done is supporting women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Supporting each woman in a powerful transformation changed me. Similarly, end of life too. It’s been an honour to be present at the 2 doorways of life.

I now choose to work somewhere in the middle. The place of the day to day. A place where we may become too easily disconnected, distracted or lost. And I’ve found through my training and work with clients, that getting back home into the body, though not always easy, is the way through.

My body is on my side.

I like to speak this out loud each day, as a commitment to living the somatic way.

It's possible to live more connected to what's important.

The opportunity to help you find ways of becoming more centered in your embodied life is my favourite work right now. It’s not easy to live with bodily integrity in this fast paced, capitalist, tech driven world. But I’ve found that with somatic awareness, practices and mindful support, it’s possible to live more connected to what’s important.

books I’m reading

My Grandmother’s Hands

Resmaa Menakem

The First Free Women

Matty Weingast

No Bad Parts​
No Bad Parts

Richard Schwartz

Certifications and courses that relate to my current work:

  • E-RYT500, YACEP: Registered Yoga Teacher & Certified Education Provider – Yoga Alliance
  • Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Northern Style (Asokananda) – Sunshine Network 2001
  • Interdisciplinary Movement and Somatics – Somakinese School
  • BodyMind Psychotherapy, Level 1 – Susan Aposhyan
  • Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, Advanced – David Treleaven
  • Positive Neuroplasticity, Professional Level – Rick Hanson
  • Pain Education Series – Tania Suzuki
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