Times are turbulent.
Many things have shifted.

What matters to you now?

Getting to what you care about.

It’s so easy to lose track of what’s important. Culture likely has you tethered to many things that you didn’t choose, perhaps don’t even resonate with any longer. I’m with you on that. 

Maybe your body is hurting, or you’re losing sleep. Stress feels like it’s piling up higher and your day to day enjoyment is waning. I hear you.

What I’ve come to know in my bones is, there is a way through. And it’s not about what’s wrong with you.

As a somatic coach, my goal is to support you to feel more centered and empowered amidst the ever changing.

I’ll support you to access your inherent bodymind intelligence.

You’ll discover…
  • What you want more of in your life
  • Who or what matters to you
  • What new actions you need to take to get there

The work we do together is centered in the body. Your soma, the body, holds all dimensions of who you are…a whole and complete living organism.

That’s a lot of power, isn’t it?

Working with Eila has brought me back home to my body in a safe and compassionate way. I walk with this daily, and feel forever grateful.


Supporting Awareness, Embodiment and Resilience.

Somatic Coaching is a way to explore your unique lived experience. Here are 3 ways to work with me as your coach.

At the Trailhead

Are you wanting to feel more connected to yourself, to your life? Perhaps a change is on the horizon, but you’re feeling uncertain.

Change can be exciting and nerve wracking. It takes a lot to get to the first step.

Start close in.

Somatic Coaching offers you time and space to reconnect to your innate body wisdom. You’ll remember ways of listening deeply to yourself. We all have access to this, but it takes some practice. I’m here to support you with this. Let’s reconnect.

We all benefit from having someone at our back.

Coaching is a way for you to get support, an ally, for the next leg of your journey.

walking in forest

Retracing Steps

Sometimes pain and stress make everything stop. But it’s not meant to feel this way forever. 

If you are having a difficult time with the effects of stress or body pain, let’s connect. I’m here to support you in finding ways toward relief. 

It takes time and a movement program sure helps.

It is possible to be without the burden of stress and pain.

Somatic Coaching and Feel Good Movement Classes are here for you.

Book a free 20 min consult

Feel Good Movement

You probably try a few pairs of shoes on before you buy. Makes sense you’d want to try a class with me. Come play! I offer weekly Zoom and in-person classes. Explore you, a living, complete and beautiful system.

Explore Somatic Movement ~ Mindfulness ~ Breathing ~ Resonance ~ Meditation

Each class is unique with progressing themes relating to the power of embodiment.

Kind Words

With your reassuring presence, I was able to find hidden strengths in myself. I’m healthier for this embodied connection. My heart is fuller because of your time and patience.
Thank you for bringing me back to the basics of my breath and guiding me to the simple permission to open my eyes once again. I’m back!
I will carry this inner work you’ve guided me through always. Your wisdom and humour are so appreciated. Thank you.

The sessions are playful, detailed, educational, your experience radiates. I feel safe and guided.


Let’s work together

Over time you’ll develop somatic awareness.

We’ll uncover what is getting in the way of your next opening. You’ll get to try some somatic practices that support your embodied skills for day to day life and challenges. You’ll get to keep the ones that work for all the years ahead.

You’ll feel more confident in your somatic foundation. When the next opening comes along, you’ll be centered and connected to what’s important to you. This is the power behind embodied tranformation.

Who doesn’t want some of that?


“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”

Mary Oliver

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